1. Cash 4 Your Clubs! Terms & Conditions
    • Seller has verified club Make/Model are accurately stated and agrees any variation(s) will result in revised offer.
    • Seller has verified proper condition rating (New/Used/Damaged), view conditions guide; and agrees that if item(s) do not meet minimum requirements by condition as deemed by Cash4YourClubs Staff will result in revised offer.
    • Seller agrees to have item(s) shipped within 5 days, or original buyback price and any applicable bonus may not be honored.
    • Seller agrees to ensure secure packaging of Item(s) upon shipment and seller accepts responsibility for any damage/loss while in transit to Cash4YourClubs facility.
    • At anytime when a revised offer is made, the original offer and any applicable bonus is immediately rescinded and void.
    • Counterfeit Item(s) will not be accepted as Trade In.